Entering scores


HOPS has an in-built beer scoring system, based upon the same criteria as the national CAMRA NBSS system. HOPS has only been tested with Internet Explorer & Firefox.

Logging on

You first have to logon to HOPS using your normal CAMRA membership number and password:

  1. Open www.whatpub.org
  2. Enter your CAMRA membership number & password
  3. Optionally check the Remember me if you want your username & password remembered on this PC
  4. Click Login

If you have trouble logging onto HOPS, please first try logging on the members area at www.camra.org.uk.

Entering scores

  1. Click on the Enter scores link top left
  2. Enter your scores into the grid - see on-screen instructions
  3. Click the Submit button

You can also click on the My Scores link to view all the scores you have entered.