Entering survey into HOPS


This page describes the overall process of entering a survey into HOPS. If you are unsure about anything, please post a message to hops_admin@yahoogroups.com.

Opening the pub for editing

Watch icon

HOPS sometimes runs a little slow - please be patient and don't press another key whilst there is the watch icon at the top left of the screen.

Saving pub

Please make sure you regularly save when entering pub details. The place HOPS lives on the internet is cheap but one downside is that the session times out after just 15 minutes. If you don't cause something to be sent back to the server within this time, it'll loose your edits so press that Save button every so often. Once you get used to entering details, you'll be a dab hand and will be entering an entire survey in much less than 15 minutes :-)

Entering the survey

This section describes how you copy & paste each of the fields from the survey form into the various places in HOPS:

Form field Notes
Pub name Paste in the Pub, Name field. Use "&" and not "and". Remove "The" from the start
Inspector's name and date of visit

Switch to the Activities tab and click the Add button at the bottom (adds a new activity):

  • Click on the Start date and either enter the date of visit (e.g. 03/05/08) or use the drop down arrow to display the calendar
  • Leave End date blank
  • Select Online Survey in the Type field
  • Leave Parameters blank
  • Click on your name in the Who field (activity defaults to you)
  • Type in the surname of the surveyor, e.g. icke and click Search
  • If the surveyor's name is returned:
    • Click it - sometimes there may be more than one hit for the same person (duplicated records) - just click on one of them
  • If the surveyor's name isn't returned:
    • Click on the New button - this creates a new person
    • Enter the surveyor's name
    • Enter HOPS surveyor in the Description
    • Click OK to save the record and return to pub screen
  • Leave Comments blank
Address Paste in the Pub, Address field. Include the town name. Don't use abbreviations, e.g. use Road not Rd. Break the address up into separate lines. Remove any blanks from the end of the address by pressing Ctrl-End (moves cursor to end) and repeated backspaces until the cursor is at the end of the last word
County Select from Pub, County drop down list
Postcode Paste in the Pub, Postcode field
Guide town/village Paste in the Pub, Guide Town field
Directions to pub Switch to the Texts tab. If there is already an entry called GBG Directions then highlight and paste the directions into the text box at the bottom (comments left blank). If there isn't a GBG Directions row, add one using the Add button and selecting GBG Directions from the list
Opening times (Mon-Fri) Paste into the GBG Opening Times text field - add row if not already there. Remove zero minutes from times, e.g. 11 and not 11:00. Separate different days with semi-colon, e.g. 12-11 Mon-Fri; 12-11:30 Sat. Separate opening times during same day with space, e.g. 12-2 5:30-11 Mon-Fri. Don't use 24 hour clock
Opening times (Sun) Paste into the GBG Sunday Opening Times text field - add row if not already there. Same format as above but always include Sun at the end, e.g. 11-3 7-11 Sun
Telephone Paste into the Pub, Telephone field in 01625 509234 format
Email Paste into the Pub, Email field
Website Paste into the Pub, Website field removing HTTP:// from the start, e.g. www.valeinn.co.uk
Beers Paste into the Text, GBG Beers text field, add entry if not already there. Use commas between beers from the same brewery and semicolons between breweries. For example, Copper Dragon Golden Pippin, Black Gold; Taylor Tetleys Bitter. Typically, the apostrophe isn't used so it's Tetleys Bitter and not Tetley's Bitter. Suffix the entire line with [h]. Use the format Boddingtons Bitter plus 3 guest beers [h] when there are fixed and guest beers. If there are no fixed beers, use the phrase Beer range varies [h]. If you know how many guest beers they have, use for the phrase Beer range varies - typically six guest beers [h]
Licensee and start date Add a new activity with the start date set to the licence's start date and type to Licensee. Change Who to the licensee by searching for their surname. Add a new person if required filling in name and setting Description to Licensee of the XYZ pub, town e.g. Licensee of Dog & Gun, Macclesfield

If you don't know the start date, set it to today's date.

If this is a new licensee and there is an existing licensee activity, please set the end date of the old licensee to the start date of the new licensee - this indicates that they are no longer the licensee.
Pub company Add a new activity with start date set to when pubco took over and type to Pubco. Change Who to the name of the pubco, e.g. Punch. Add new pubco if required, setting description to Pubco. Use Freehold for those precious freehold pubs.

NOTE: If this is a new pubco and there is an existing pubco activity, please set the end date of the old pubco to the start of the new pubco - this indicates that they are no longer the pubco. 
Photos Switch to the Photos tab and click the Upload button. Browse to the photo and click Ok
Online description Paste into the Text, Online Description text field, add entry if not already there.
Flags It's safer to delete all the existing flags off the Pub tab and then check the new ones that apply. That way you don't accidently leave an incorrect flag checked. Always typically check Online Guide and Allow Scoring. Paste any comments supplied by the surveyor

And finally...

Deleting activities and text

If you want to delete row from a grid, click on the grey area on the left of the row - the row will turn orange. Press the Delete key on your keyboard. This technique is used throughout HOPS.