GBG export


The GBG export function exports the pubs currently flagged for inclusion in the GBG to a CSV format, ready for direct uploading into the GBG submission system.

To be completed.

Export quirks


Three activities must be present per GBG entry:

  1. GBG Entry or GBG Reserve with year in the Parameters column. For a reserve, include R1, R2 etc in the comments field
  2. Surveyed activity with the GBG year in the Parameters column
  3. Reviewed activity - this one is optional but a good idea as it's controls the "This pub has not been reviewed for XX years"

Beer list

In HOPS, the online guide entry will display any text that you type into the "Beer" column when "Brewery" is set to "Guest". However, the GBG is more limited in terms of the guest beers entry and the following are the acceptable values in the "beer" column in the GBG system (see screenshots at bottom):

  1. guest beer
  2. guest beers
  3. beer range varies

If "beer range varies" is used, then fixed beers cannot be specified. HOPS will display a validation error if you try to do this. The following logic is used to set "guest beer" or "guest beers":

IF brewery="guest" THEN
    IF the beer name contains "beers" THEN
        "guest beers" output (Guest number = 2)
        "guest beer output" (Guest number = 1)
    Output details of fixed beer

This can potentially lead to some unexpected outputs which will require editing in HOPS.

Beer range varies

As of GBG 2013, we have been asked to avoid using "beer range varies" as much as possible but if it unavoidable (as is often the case in multi-pump free houses) then please make sure you describe the beers in the description.

Number of guest beers

In the GBG system, there is an area labelled "Guest Beers (Branch Use Only)" (see right) which isn't currently used in the generation of the GBG itself. Because HOPS doesn't currently have a numeric field for number of guest beers, the value in "Guest beer" may not match HOPS. For example, if you've put "Three guest beers" in HOPS, it cannot accurately determine "3". Following the logic above so this be be identified as "2 guest beers". However, as this data is not actually used for final GBG production, this is more a quirk than a big problem. In the GBG it'll simply say "guest beers" which confirms with the GBG formatting requirements.

GBG Description

You have to create a separate description for the GBG submission (separate to the online description). If you have historical GBG descriptions that you wish the keep, change the type to "Old GBG Description".

HOPS to GBG process

  1. Export from HOPS:
    1. Generate GBG export in HOPS
    2. Resolve any errors
    3. Copy & paste the output window (Ctrl-A, Ctrl-C) and paste into Notepad (must be Notepad, not Word) (next version will generate CSV directly)
    4. Save as a file with CSV extension, e.g. GBG 2013 entries.csv
  2. Import into GBG system:
    1. Logon to (special account details, not linked to CAMRA membership number)
    2. Click Manual pub data entry and administration
    3.  Select Remove multiple entries
    4. At the bottom, click Remove all pubs from this branch
    5.  Select Automatic File Upload
    6. Browse to the CSV file you exported from HOPS and upload
    7. Click Manual pub data entry and administration
    8. Click on a few pubs down left hand side to make sure its upload okay
    9. Click Proof this Branch
    10. Click on the PDF icon when its finished


Beer list on GBG submission system