Getting started with HOPS

Logging on

HOPS uses the CAMRA membership system to authenticate you. If you are having trouble logging on, first check you can logon the members area on the main CAMRA web site If you can log on here but still can't get onto HOPS, please send an email to

HOPS sometimes runs a little slow - please be patient and don't press another key whilst there is the watch icon at the top left of the screen.

Navigating around the site

Menu barDown the left hand side of the screen, you'll see the menu bar. It's split into five sections for pubs, people, beer (not yet implemented), administration and other. Most of the time you'll be editing pubs or running off reports so Browse/Edit under Pubs is a good place to start. The Help link under Other will open these help pages. Click Logoff when you have finished using HOPS.

At the top right of most pages is the green HOPS logo. Clicking this will take you back to the main home page and is useful if you've got a bit lost.

Using the toolbar

ToolbarAt the top of many pages, you'll see a toolbar like that shown on the right. You use to perform operations such as saving the record: