HOPS Version 1.40


Next major release of HOPS, currently in development.

New features

  1. Scoring is now part of the main HOPS application itself which means users have to logon using their CAMRA ID (0370)
  2. Pub website address now included in the guide (0745)
  3. First draft of NBSS/Perfect Pint export - they are still working on this so it cannot be used at the moment

Enhancements & tweaks

  1. Move Scores and Pub List screens removed. Not needed anymore (0570)
  2. Help page opens in a new window (0572)
  3. Application jobs are run immediately the application starts, not after a minute (0567)
  4. The "Help" page opens in a separate window and also refreshes the main page so that the help button doesn't get stuck (0626,0611)
  5. "Family room" flag renamed to "Family friendly" and merged with "Children Friendly" (0761)
  6. Postcode is now mandatory when editing a pub (0607)
  7. GBG export defaults to current user's main branch (0695)
  8. "This pub hasn't been reviewed xxx" message now only displays after two years, not one (0769,0575)
  9. Displays a "No photo available" graphic is no photo included with the pub (0751)
  10. Each branch now has it's own list of districts (0516)
  11. "Today" option added to the activities date control (0692)
  12. Only pubs flagged as been in online guide displayed when positioning pubs (0758)
  13. Only pubs flagged as been in online guide appear in the reports (0759)

NOTE: The change to only display pubs with the online guide in the reports & when repositioning pubs is a temporary fix until the more powerful reporting mechanism is implemented.

Bug fixes

  1. NBSS imported scores are linked to each branch. Previously, if one branch was in the middle of importing scores, they got to see the scores from another branch (0556)
  2. Renders correctly in IE7 when DPI=120 (large fonts) (0569)
  3. Duplicate identifiers cannot be added to the items on the property type screen (0276)
  4. Dragging pubs on reposition screen now stays green/dragged (0614,0617)
  5. Internal change made to UID system which was causing random crashes (0634)
  6. Doesn't crash now when trying to run a report before selecting the report type (0762)
  7. Date on the main screen now shown in the correct (daylight savings) (0556)
  8. Survey report works for non-Macclesfield branches (0589)
  9. Upload screen layout corrected and displays watch icon on uploading the file (0603)
  10. Message displayed if the town is missing when entering scores (0633)
  11. If no real ale then "Beer range is unknown" line is removed from the guide entry (0650)
  12. On the score report, validation prevents a start date after the end date (0660)
  13. Error message removed when clicking OK on the reposition pubs screen before searching for pubs (0662)
  14. Emails with four letter domains are now allowed, e.g. fred@mydomain.info (0672)
  15. Crash fixed when searching for pubs where both GBG year and reserve flag checked (0694)
  16. Time shown correctly on www.whatpub.org when in British summer time (0717)
  17. Beer names trimmed when generating the guide (0622)
  18. GBG export ignores beers which have been taken off (end date set) (0700)
  19. The print button didn't work on reports (some problem with the ISP host) so it's been removed for now. Export to PDF instead and print that (0771)
  20. Blank membership numbers in NBSS import doesn't cause an error (0587)