HOPS Version 1.41


Bug fixes and minor enhancements. Released 30th December 2010.

New features

  1. When importing NBSS scores, entries from outside your branch can be rapidly ignores via a checkbox (0790)

Enhancements & tweaks

  1. Process emails option removed from menu as this feature is currently not working
  2. The title banner background now has a different colour when not logged into the live system to give a continual visual clue (0749)
  3. NBSS import can now work with a CSV file edited in Excel - the format gets changed as current NBSS export is not CSV standard (0799)

Bug fixes

  1. Validation of email addresses improved (0749)
  2. Pub photo upload always goes through .NET graphics engine to prevent crash in the report viewer due to malformed JPEG files (0798)
  3. Logic flaw with NBSS fixed. In previous versions, if one branch imported NBSS scores that covered scores from surrounding branches (as often happens as NBSS export is county wide) and then ignored some scores, they were also ignored for the other branch. For example, if Macclesfield & East Cheshire ignored a score from South Cheshire, it was also ignored when South Cheshire imported the same data. In the new version, this doesn't happen and the next NBSS import (which should always go back a year) will rectify this (0806)

Internal changes

  1. Rather strange email log message of Email sent to xyz@here.com (redirect from xyz@here.com) changed to just Email sent to xyz@here.com unless redirection is enabled (0599)
  2. URL of the help website is now a variable (0781)
  3. When a new scorer logs on the first time, HOPS now attempts to match existing record via their email if present (0792)