HOPS Version 1.45


Bug fix release, browser compatibility, changes to pub data exchange format and WhatPub branding removed.

New features

  1. Site rebranded as HOPS instead of WhatPub (0000-0914)
  2. Search for a pub by it's ID (0000-0909)


  1. GBG export modified to handle guest beers better (0897)
  2. NBSS export renamed to WhatPub export
  3. Pub ID is displayed on the pub screen (0878)
  4. The "Guide" checkbox when searching for pubs is now unchecked by default. Before people kept thinking they'd lost a pub and re-entered it (0910)
  5. List of beers modified so that beers that have been taken off (end date set) appear at the bottom of the list (0688)

Bug fixes

  1. Searching on postcode WC1 works as expected (0920,0918)
  2. Guest beers now exported in correct column in GBG export (0858)
  3. Email and Real Ale columns correct in WhatPub export (0921)
  4. Supports Firefox v10, Chrome and Safari
  5. Error on deleting town from score and then re-submitted fixed (0902)
  6. "My scores" grid no longer editable as you cannot save it (0903)
  7. The correct buttons are displayed on the survey report (e.g. Search) (0894)
  8. All text fields are now trimmed of leading and trailing spaces when saving to the database. Before one could get "Putney" being treated differently to "Putney ", i.e. s space after the string (0911)
  9. Clicking on search results map to display pub name works in Firefox (0915)