HOPS Version 1.47


Bug fix and tweaks release with new reports.

New features

  1. "Summary by Town" report renamed to "Top line by Town"
  2. "Summary by District" type 1 & type 2 reports added
  3. Display order added to branch districts (0916)


  1. Reference to Whatpub.org removed from home screen
  2. Reference to HOPS blog removed as it was out of date (0931)
  3. Pub ID shown in pub search results (0481)
  4. Wording about www.whatpub.org removed from front screen (0926)

Bug fixes

  1. Validation error displayed if duplicate activity added for certain types, e.g. licensee, owner etc. Where having a duplicate open record would be confusing, e.g. two licensees (0000-0932)
  2. Border around the picture on the guide entry renders correctly on Chrome (0581)
  3. Email retry date shown in UK format in the log (0739)
  4. "{" and "}" characters filtered from tool tip in the guide (0870)
  5. Branch districts grid now sorted (0916)
  6. Validation message prevents adding multiple open activity types for certain entries, e.g. closed (0518,0576)
  7. Beers taken off now shown at bottom of grid (0827)