HOPS Version 1.48


Relatively major new version with improve WhatPub export compatibility, upgrade to handle NBSS v2 scores, premises types and number of guest beers. Released 14th Jan 2013.

Important notices

Premises types is now implemented. Any pubs imported from CSV where the PremisesType field was specified will be correct. All other pubs including those imported/entered before by other means will have defaulted to Public House and therefore non-Public Houses will need manually editing.

Introduction of number of guest beers in the list of beers. Defaults to "1" so manual edit will be required to correct the count.

If you want distances to work correctly in WhatPub, please include the distance in metres in the notes field. For example, for a camping distance you could put "About a mile from the pub up the road [1600]" in the notes field. 1600 is uploaded to WhatPub in the distance field.

New features

  1. Real heritage flag added to pub screen and WhatPub export. Notes has to be NI1, NI2 or RI (0945,0958)
  2. Premises type implemented - existing snippets upgraded as shown below (0945,0957):
    1. P: Public house
    2. C: "Working Men's/Member's/Social Club
    3. R: Restaurant & Bar/Café Bar/Wine Bar
    4. H: Hotel with Bar
    5. O: Off-Licence
  3. Trafford & Hulme premises types converted from snippets to new premises type field (0945,0957)
  4. NBSS import re-coded to handle the new NBSS v2 format (0954)
  5. Introduction of number of guest beers against beer entries where brewery=guest (0955)
  6. Replaced strength by number of guest beers on the survey report (0972)
  7. Price information added to scoring, NBSS v2 import & display of beer scores (0970)
  8. Search by postcode when editing pubs and generating reports (0928)
  9. Prices added to beer scoring and NBSS import (0970)
  10. Score report can now be ungrouped by district (all pubs shown together) and filtered by minimum score and minimum number of scorers (0980)


  1. "The" moved to end of pub name when searching internally (0968,0819)
  2. Automatically detects the current time zone & daylight savings adjustment instead of a manual variable (0270)
  3. Postcode is now validated (0938)
  4. Unable to add a branch that already exists (0924)
  5. When searching for pubs, you can include the branch identifier, e.g. MAC/14. It strips off the identifier (0940)
  6. "Delivery type" changed to "Dispense Type" to be more compatible with WhatPub (although GBG still calls it delivery type) (0925)

Bug fixes

  1. Latitude and longitude output in decimal format (not exponential) when exporting to CSV and on Google maps (0945,0944)
  2. Bus routes included in PDS/WhatPub export (0955)
  3. Metro station included in PDS/WhatPub export (0955)
  4. Distances represented in square-brackets in notes field and included in PDS/WhatPub Export. See here for more details (0955)
  5. Non-ASCII characters such as "£" export correctly (0956,0965)
  6. Premises type included in PDS/WhatPub export (0945,0957)
  7. When looking up latest licensee and owner for the guide, activities with an end date are now ignored (0900)
  8. Top line report header not cropped when exporting to PDF (0941)

ImportPDS v1.08

  1. Distance fields handled correctly (0955)
  2. Real heritage field imported (0945)
  3. Premises types imported (0945,0957)