HOPS Version 1.50


Final release to support Pub Data Specification v1.7 - for GBG export.

New features

  1. Support for Pub Data Specification (PDS) v1.6:
    1. AccommodationComment: implemented
    2. BeerQualityRating: Not to be implemented (for user interface reasons) but personally I think this is a really bad idea. Data protection re: subjective views?
    3. DisabledAccessComment: implemented
    4. DogFriendlyComment: implemented
    5. EveningMealsComment: implemented
    6. FamilyFriendlyComment: implemented
    7. Facebook: not implemented (user interface change)
    8. FunctionRoomComment: implemented
    9. GamesComment: implemented
    10. GardenComment: implemented
    11. GBGDescription: implemented (critical for GBG upload)
    12. LicenseeType: implemented using the parameters field against the "Licensee" activity. Just takes the first character so you can write Manager, Tenant, Lessee or Owner or M, T, L or O
    13. LiveMusicComment: implemented
    14. LunchtimeMealsComment: implemented
    15. LocAleComment: implemented
    16. MealTimes: Not implemented (user interface change)
    17. MemberDiscountScheme: implemented - new flag
    18. MemberDiscountSchemeComment: implemented - new flag
    19. ParkingComment: implemented
    20. PremisesStatusComment: not implemented
    21. PremisesTypeComment: not implemented
    22. Restaurant: implemented - new flag
    23. RestaurantComment: implemented - new flag
    24. SmokingComment: implemented
    25. SportsTVComment: implemented
    26. TieDegree: not implemented (user interface change)
    27. Twitter: not implemented (user interface change)
    28. Underground: not implemented (user interface change)
    29. UndergroundDistance: not implemented (user interface change)
    30. UndergroundStation: not implemented (user interface change)
    31. PubWatchSurvey: was never implemented in HOPS
  2. Support for Pub Data Specification (PDS) v1.7:
    1. ClubAllowsCAMRAVisitors: implemented - new flag
    2. ChangeType: not implemented (user interface change)
    3. ChangeDate: not implemented (user interface change)
    4.  RealHeritagePub: depreciated from the export although left in HOPS

Tweaks and changes

  1. Menu option for GBG export removed
  2. PDS export sorts the beers by brewery, strength and beer

Bug fixes

  1. None

Internal changes

  1. None