HOPS Version 1.53


Update to support PDS v1.8

New features

  1. PDS export upgraded to v1.8 - specification can be found here
  2. Support for Pub Data Specification (PDS) v1.8:
    1. Local authority: added to pub screen as a new field - must be defined when editing a pub; added to survey report & Word survey form
    2. Listed status: added to pub screen as a new activity (as listed status can change overtime); added to survey report & Word survey form
    3. Asset of community value: new flag added to pub screen; added to survey report & Word survey form
    4. Owner & Operator: more compatible with PDS although not perfect due to core differences. Will dwell upon this
    5. Publish email: added to pub screen (next to email); added to survey report & Word survey form
    6. Opening Times:
      1. This is a radical change in the PDS with much stricter validation
      2. In order to prevent hundreds of validation errors, a new text type called "Opening Times - Unchecked" has been added. This field is updated with the contents of the old "GBG Opening Times" and "GBG Sunday Opening Times" fields. The two old fields have then been deleted
      3. This means that the next export will give blank opening times
      4. You need to go through each pub, check the opening times & change the type from "Opening Times - Unchecked" to "Opening Times"
    7. Meal times: new text type field; added to survey report and Word survey form
    8. Beer festival: new flag; added to survey report and Word survey form
    9. Events: new flag; added to survey report and Word survey form
    10. Bus routes:
      1. Another radical change I'm afraid - introduction of new Bus Routes flag
      2. The new flag is blank by default - you'll have to edit each pub individually. Until then, no bus route information will be exported
      3. The new format is an JSON string array of objects - rather technical and implementing another grid is too much work
      4. Example: [{"Company":"Arriva", "Route":"10","Comment":"Not Fri & Sat"},{"Company":"Baker", "Route":"392","Comment":"Fri & Sat"}] - see PDS for more details
      5. The idea is you copy & paste the old comment into bus routes and re-format as required
      6. I would recommend you create a standalone list of bus routes which you then copy & paste into HOPS
      7. The existing bus comment field should be turned into a simple comment but the distance is still extracted from the comment - wrapped in square brackets; e.g. "Bus stop top of road [200]"
    11. Beers:
      1. A major update to support PDS v1.8 implemented by a new "Beers" tab (has to be enabled like activities)
      2. The existing beer list has been imported as "Regular beers"
      3. The "Changing beer count" field imported from the "Guest" beer entry - the guest entry has then been deleted
      4. When you edit an existing record, the new field "Beer Source" will have to be defined
      5. See PDS v1.8 for a more detailed explanation of the fields
      6. Survey report reworked to include new beer fields
  3. Closed date now exported (was PDS v1.7)

Tweaks and changes

  1. Order of flags changed to try and group them more logically
  2. Multi-paragraph descriptions now displayed as expected in WhatPub due to addition of JSON encoding of description
  3. PDS premises status field set to "T" for temporarily closed if there is an open refurbished activity
  4. Reporter viewer 2010 (replacing 2008 variant). Slightly different export option plus print icon works

Bug fixes


Internal changes

  1. LinkedTypeID column deleted from PropertyTypes table (never used)
  2. Switched development environment from Visual Studio 2008 to Visual Studio 2010