HOPS Version 1.56


Major update to include automatic updates to WhatPub plus removal of the local HOPS guide system and search. The photo functionality is enhanced to match WhatPub requirements with multiple photos with metadata. The major changes are:

  1. Automatic upload to WhatPub so CSV export/import step is no longer needed
  2. Multiple photos per pub plus additional metadata
  3. Bus routes is a grid
  4. Links to BIS to validate/search for breweries & beers
  5. Telephone number formatting improved
  6. Closed pubs improved to work with changes to PDS for tracking pub closures
  7. Interface to the GBG system

Many references are made to the Pub Data Specification v1.8 document.

New features

  1. Automatic upload of pub details and photos to WhatPub:
    1. Interface status grid show on the main page
    2. Tab added to pub screen to show messages from last upload
    3. Upload is carried out shortly (seconds) after saving a pub record
  2. Photo changes:
    1. Photos tab on pub updated to allow multiple photos to be uploaded:
      1. Caption: caption to be displayed with the photo
      2. Owner: owner of the photo (mandatory if uploading)
      3. Attribution: status of copyright (mandatory if uploading)
      4. Publication date: date photo was published (under discussion) (mandatory if uploading). Initialised to date taken from upload if the metadata is available
      5. Keywords: photo keywords - at least one keyword is needed from Pub, Brewery, Festival, External, Bar, Restaurant, Garden, Sign, Publican, Customers, Party, Branch, Award, Key
      6. Width and height: for information only - extracted from the photo
      7. Upload: whether to upload to WhatPub or not
      8. Image: thumbnail of the photo. HOPS stores the photo file exactly as uploaded. It's only downsized by WhatPub when displayed
    2. To upload a photo, highlight a row and click Upload
    3. To delete a photo, highlight a row and press Delete on your keyboard
    4. See http://whatpub.com/addpubs/photosfaq for more details although this page is partially out of date
    5. Photo import page added to allow you to upload your existing photos & manifest into HOPS. NOTE: each time you upload this way, all previously imported pictures are deleted. You'd typically only do the import once in the live system
  3. Bus routes:
    1. Bus routes implemented as a grid on the Activities tab. Legacy bus route information is imported
    2. List of bus companies defined by the "Bus companies" property type
  4. Breweries & beers:
    1. HOPS now integrates with brewery information system (BIS) to maintain a local copy of breweries and beers
    2. Clicking on the brewery/beer field brings up a search dialog to find by brewery
    3. Historical records which can't be matched to BIS are shown in square brackets and must be resolved before you can save the pub
    4. HOPS is refreshed from BIS every 30 minutes
    5. House name & dispense now not recorded for typical changing beers
  5. Telephone numbers:
    1. Historically, HOPS tried to format the telephone number to include brackets where they were missing. This causes problems with mobile number which should not have brackets. This auto-formatting has been removed but validation has been added
    2. Validation of telephone numbers:
      1. Mobile: 07xxx 123456
      2. Landline: (0xxxx) 123456 or (0xxxx) 123 456 or (0xxxx) 123 1234
    3. The removal of automatic formatting plus validation means you may have to edit a phone number to include the brackets when editing a entry
  6. Closed pubs:
    1. Addition of new activity types to match the list of changed types in PDS:
      1. Converted - restaurant/cafe: Pub converted into a restaurant/cafe (use class A3)
      2. Converted - prof. services: Pub converted into financial and professional services (use class A2)
      3. Converted - shop: Pub converted into a shop (use class A1)
      4. Converted - housing: Pub converted to housing (use class C3)
      5. Demolished: Pub demolished (existing demolished activity type)
      6. Closed - change of use: Pub closed and consent for change of use granted
      7. Closed - not reopening: Pub closed and owner has confirmed pub will not reopen
      8. Closed - reopening: Pub closed and reopening date fixed
      9. Closed - other reason: Pub closed for any other reason (existing closed activity)
      10. Converted - other uses: Pub converted to other uses (existing converted activity)
      11. Closed - new tenant: Closed, pub owner seeking new tenant/lease holder
    2. Multiple change type activities work together to define closed date (which never changes once closed) and changed date
    3. An example would be adding a "Closed - new tenant" activity to a pub but then adding a "Converted - shop" at a later date if they gave up and sold the pub
  7. GBG interface:
    1. The process of submitting GBG entries is now handled within HOPS. You flag a pub as been in the GBG as before by adding "GBG" or "GBG Reserve" activities with the parameter field set to the year (2017) and R1, R2 etc. in the comments if a reserve. HOPS will pick this up and automatically export the pub to the GBG system
    2. Once it has successfully exported, the Submission screen will give a summary of the current submission
    3. The "Proof" option downloads a PDF of the entries for proof reading
    4. The "Submit" option submits the entries from the branch to area organiser or regional director. NOTE: this operation cannot be undone so once submitted, no further edits can be made

NOTE: there are two variables that control the GBG process: "GBG process start (date)" and "GBG process end (date)". These control the current GBG process for the current year. The export to GBG doesn't run outside of this period as it's an intensive routine. This means that somebody has to edit these two variables each year to kick start the GBG process for the new year.

Tweaks and changes

  1. Front-screen text and search removed
  2. Export option remove from menu
  3. Refresh button removed from pub screen
  4. Two-tone grid displayed when searching for pubs (was just white before)
  5. "Beers not exported" flag removed from pub search (not applicable anymore)
  6. Open Facebook page link added when editing pubs
  7. Force button on pub screen forces the pub to upload to WhatPub. Normally this happens automatically but sometimes you may need to force a refresh

Bug fixes

  1. Clicking on the HOPS logo takes you back to the main screen and not a JavaScript error
  2. "District" & "Location" labels were wrong way around on the pub screen

Internal changes

  1. Report Viewer 2012

Post release changes

  1. Add WhatPubAPI_Password to configuration
  2. Delete the Guide folder
  3. Edit web.config to add the settings below
  4. Disable GBG link in test and dev systems

web.config changes

To allow large 300MB ZIP file uploads:

This setting is probably already there:

        <httpRuntime maxRequestLength="307200" />

This will need adding:

            <requestLimits maxAllowedContentLength="314572800" />