PDS v1.8 beers


With the introduction of PDS v1.8 and recent changes to the upload validation system, beer and brewery names have to exist in Brewery Information System (BIS) otherwise they will fail validation (with an error) thus preventing you from uploading any changes until you fix all the failed entries. This is obviously not an ideal situation as you'll effectively by blocked from making any changes such as the GBG updates until you correct all the errors - of which their may be many.

In order to help with this process, HOPS v1.53 introduces a new temporary flag against each pub on the new beers tab called "Export beers" as shown in the screenshot below. In this example, the beers will not be exported until that Export flag is checked.

During the upgrade to v1.53, this flag is cleared for any pub which currently has any regular beers. This means that your export will continue to work except of course WhatPub will not show any regular beers until you review the entries and check the flag. The idea being here that you can review them a few at a time, fixing up the entries as required.

To help you with this process, there is a new flag on the pub search screen (see below) called "Beers not exported". This allows you to work through the pubs a handful at a time.